28 August 2009

New York Yankees Trip


I finally convinced my brother and his friend Jim to drive up to Yankee Stadium so we could see Monument Park and the NYY Museum. When we finished looking at everything we had lunch in the NYY Steak, NYY Steak link before the game started.

Monument Park

Jacob Ruppert    Edward Barrow    Miller Huggins

Joe McCarthy    Casey Stengel

Mel Allen    Bob Sheppard

Billy Martin    Billy Martin #1

Babe Ruth    Babe Ruth #3

Lou Gehrig    Lou Gehrig #4

Joe DiMaggio    Joe DiMaggio #5

Mickey Mantle    Mickey Mantle #7

Yogi Berra    Yogi Berra #8

Bill Dickey    Bill Dickey #8

Roger Maris    Roger Maris #9

Phil Rizzuto    Phil Rizzuto #10

Thurman Munson    Thurman Munson #15

Whitey Ford    Whitey Ford #16

Don Mattingly    Don Mattingly #23

Elston Howard    Elston Howard #32

Casey Stengel #37

Reggie Jackson    Reggie Jackson #44

Ron Guidry    Ron Guidry #49

Lefty Gomez    Red Ruffing    Allie Reynolds

We Remember Sept. 11, 2002


NYY Museum

#8 Jersey    #15 1939 Jersey    #44 Jersey

Mickey Mantle Jersey view 1    Mickey Mantle Jersey view 2

Mickey Mantle Information

Babe Ruth Hand Print    Babe Ruth Crown    Babe Ruth Pictures

Babe Ruth Jersey    Babe Ruth Bat    Babe Ruth Jersey Front

Bill Dickey's Hat    Lou Gehrig Jersey

Headlines    Historical baseballs and tickets

1937 & 1938 Baseballs    1939, 1941 & 1943 Baseballs

1923 Baseball and Bat    1927 Baseball    Unused 1928 World Series Ticket

1932 Baseball    1936 Baseball

World Series Tickets and Baseballs    World Series Tickets

World Series Trophies    NYY Pennants

1946 Seat    1976 Seat

Rickey Henderson Stolen Bases

Signature Wall Part 1    Signature Wall Part 2

Thurman Munson Tribute    Thurman Munson's Locker


Inside the Stadium

Rick and Jim at Gate 4 (view 1)    Rick and Jim at Gate 4 (view 2)

Rick in the Great Hall

Great Hall (view 1)    Great Hall (view 2)

The Field    The Bench    The Bull Pen    Jeter at bat