Polityka's Garden




Some people tell me I have a green thumb, especially with an African Violet.

I have a lot of luck with the house plants and I enjoy working with plants.

I had a vegetable garden a long time ago when I lived out in the country side.

Since I moved back into the city I couple only grow my vegetables in 5 gallon buckets.

I had a lot of luck with that also, 2 green pepper plants yielded 250 green peppers.

Now that I live out of the city, our house has a lawn, we call it "R & S Ranch."

I have a door bell that plays the Green Acres song.

It took me around 1 1/2 hours to mow the grass.

Last year I decided to cut that time down.

I took an area in the front of the house and planted Native Plants.

My Native Plants Garden

When I had the tiller last year I decided to make an area for a vegetable garden.

So I tilled a 15 foot x 25 foot area for vegetables. I also tilled a 10 foot x 15 foot

area for Silver Queen Corn.

My Vegetable Garden

My Silver Queen Corn Garden