2009 Yankee Stadium


19 July 2009



My brother, Rick, and I made our way to the New Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. We missed the Old Timer game that day due to looking around the stadium.

I did not know how I was going to react to the new stadium, but when we stood there looking out from behind Home Plate we realized it was going to be a Great Place to see a ballgame.

Click on the links to see the pictures I took and the videos.


The gathering

Old stadium

Netting around the old stadium

Across the street at the new stadium

Yankee Stadium

Ron in the front of Yankee Stadium

When you are in Gate 4 the pictures are larger

Movie - First glimpse of the field

Movie - Rick and Ron at Yankee Stadium

Flags around the top of all the teams

Interesting thing is that the NY Yankees and Philadelphia flags are next to each other

The NY Yankees Bench

Movie - of Overhang  Stadium 1  Stadium 2  Stadium 3

Movie - Old Time Intro for Derek Jeter

The wall of numbers

Movie - Taste of the old days, Ballatine Beer

Movie - 7th Inning Stretch, God Bless America

The Yankees Win

Monument Park from the upper deck

Another look at Monument Park

Movie - Frank singing NY NY after the game