Polityka Vegetable Garden


I started my garden on 26 May 2007.

I started some plants indoors back in late April.

The garden measures 15 feet wide x 25 feet long.

I placed concrete blocks around the perimeter and placed soil and grass clippings in the area to raise the bed. I tilled the soil with 2-50 pound bags of manure. Then I placed 2 foot high, 1 inch hole chicken wire around the outside of the block to keep the rabbits out.

1. The start of my vegetable garden 1 June 2007

2. The start of my tomato plants, Roma, Early Girl and Beefsteak 1 June 2007

3. This is what the garden looks like 30 days later

4. The Leaf Lettuce and carrots 30 days later

5. (r to l) Cauliflower, Green Pepper, Cucumber and Cantaloupe

6. Sue, my wife, gave me a Grow decoration for my birthday

Good Mojo

7. (front to rear) Beefsteak, Early Girl and Roma Tomato Plants

8. I started my Hot Peppers in buckets, but now they are in the garden

The Bounty of Crops

9. Cucumbers, 4 to 6 ever other day

10. Leaf Lettuce, Lots of it from a few plants

11. Beans and Roma Tomatoes

12. On 4 July 2007 I found a deer track next to the fence

13. On 12 July 2007 I found a set of tracks going thru the garden

Picture #1 & #2

14. On 15 July 2007 I placed 10 foot 1/2" conduit with 2 foot wide plastic fence above the lower fence. Then I ran mason line around with pie plates hanging down. I also place a light at the back door on a motion sensor So far so good, no deer.

I will take more pictures as the harvest progresses.

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Updated on 16 July 2007