Welcome to the world of WB3AAL

 Hello, my name is Ronald J. Polityka. I was born in Reading, PA on June 12, 1959 of Polish and Lithuanian heritage. I have lived in the Berks County area all my life.

 I was first licensed in 1975 as WN3AAL. I presently hold the Extra Class license, enjoying the lower 25 kHz CW portion of the bands. I enjoy all the different areas of Ham Radio, everything from QRP to a Microwave TV station. I like to chase DX, hunt counties, chase awards and contesting.

 I created the Eastern PA QRP Club which was started to unite the PA QRP'ers. I presently live in the City of Reading limits, so my antenna farm is located on my 15' x 60' flat roof. I have a Hygain Thunderbird beam that is about 45' high with a Ringo Ranger 2 meter vertical. I also have the Cushcraft Boomer beam for 2 meters that has 13 elements. Depending on conditions I use the Ringo or the Boomer for 2 meter DX Packet Cluster. I have the Butternut HF9V with elevated radials. I did not slope the radials, instead I raised them off the roof by about 12" so when it snows they will be above all the wet stuff. I also have a Diamond Tri-Band vertical for VHF and UHF bands. The rigs, well I am a Kenwood fan, TS-450, TS-940 and TS-50. I also have my first rig which is the Drake C Line. I also have the Elecraft K2 and K1. You can check out my radios and antennas in the pictures. I like to hike on the Appalachian Trail in PA with my K1 QRP radio.

EPA QRP #1 / ARRL Life Member / QRP-L #1099 / QRP ARCI #5318 / G-QRP #3031 / AK QRP #309 / Life Member 10-10 #13173 / NorCal / MI QRP #1703 Adventure Radio Society #380 / VA QRP Society #45 / HI QRP #153 / NJ QRP #179 / FISTS #10393 / MQFD #11 / NE QRP #629 / Zombie #625

Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society, ARLHS #423

Elecraft K2 s.n. 1392

Elecraft s.n. 1011

That is all for now.


72 Ron de WB3AAL

Updated 4 April 04 at 21:00 UTC